The Coronavirus and Its Vaccine are Part of a Layered Hoax

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The Coronavirus and Its Vaccine are Part of a Layered Hoax

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The Coronavirus and Its Vaccine are Part of a Layered Hoax

Andrew Anglin September 12, 2021


The coronavirus hoax is a hoax within a hoax.

The Biggest Hoax

The mega hoax is that the entire thing is a gigantic sham, and there is no new virus.

People try to tell me: “yeah but Anglin, I believe in the virus.”

I can understand saying that a year ago, I guess – but after all this time, with zero evidence of a new virus, it just seems really crazy.


Understand: if you believe in a virus, you are suffering from some kind of denial. You are just not able to process the fact that a lie could be this big, so you try to rationalize that there must be some kernel of truth inside of the hoax. You are not believing in a virus because of evidence, because there literally is no evidence at all for the existence of a new virus, other than “but the government said so though.”

The PCR test is a complete farce. Yes, you can test antibodies, but the antibodies are exactly the same for the supposed “Sars-Cov-2” as they are for normal coronaviruses – i.e., the cold. Yes, the cold is a coronavirus, and if you didn’t know that, you are definitely not really on the ball here in terms of your belief in this hoax.

Here is the CDC page saying that the common coronavirus has all of the exact same symptoms as the Sars-Cov-2 coronavirus. ... ation.html


And here’s the NIH saying that the antibodies are the same. ... sars-cov-2


I’m sure it’s emotionally difficult to process that these people renamed the common cold (and the flu) and called it a pandemic, but that’s what happened. At this point, if you’ve been reading Hoax Watch (formerly Tranny Watch) for the last 18 months, you really don’t have a good excuse for still believing that Anthony Fauci must be telling a partial truth.

The death toll is being seriously inflated, as they just throw as many deaths as possible in the “coronavirus” category. Hospitals are incentivized to do this with cash payment per case from Medicaid. Moreover, it is the official policy of the CDC that anyone who tests positive for the virus – or is otherwise believed to have the virus – is marked as a “covid death” regardless of what actually killed them.

It seems to me that a virus believer would have to pause at the fact that they are hoaxing all of these deaths. If there is actually a new virus, why do they need to hoax deaths?

Of course, there are more than 50,000 deaths every year from the flu, so many of the deaths are exactly what they describe as the coronavirus – a serious respiratory infection that can be deadly. In 2018, 80,000 people in America died from the flu. ... ccine.html


In 2018, hospitals were setting up tents in parking lots to treat flu patients, because they were literally overwhelmed. That did not ever happen with coronavirus.

Actually they did set up the tents, they were just never used – we all saw the #FilmYourHospital videos, showing completely empty hospitals at the supposed height of the pandemic. The media responded to this by claiming that the wave hadn’t happened yet, then banned people from posting videos of hospitals. People were actually arrested in some cities for filming empty hospitals.

And of course, in 2020, they decided to completely remove flu deaths, counting them all as coronavirus deaths. The media literally printed stories saying that “the flu has disappeared.” ... pandemic1/


Just to be thorough, I’ll say this: 

A common refrain from the virus believers is that if it was a hoax, countries like North Korea and Iran would be calling it out. In fact, these countries don’t have the ability to do their own independent science at this level – they are getting the same PCR tests and the same antibodies tests as everyone else, and so it checks out. Moreover, China – who does have the ability to do their own science – is going along with the hoax, presumably because they have no reason to interrupt the US in the middle of collapsing their own economy and social order. China is not, however, doing any of these lockdowns. They are also not forcing people to take vaccines.

Basically though, if you get to the point where you have to start saying “well but what about North Korea though?”, then you’ve really lost the plot. The fact that there is literally zero evidence for the existence of a new virus, to the point where you have to grasp like that, shows how ridiculous the virus arguments are.

Larger logic: 

It is self-evident that everything that is happening now was pre-planned. They had an entire system designed, and just needed the trigger to roll it out. And I can tell you: they didn’t wait for the trigger to pull itself randomly.

The World Economic Forum did Event 201 in October of 2019 – this was an exercise done in part with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, simulating a global response to a pandemic. ... c-response


The theoretical pandemic in this exercise was – wait for it – a coronavirus that jumped from bats to humans.


Go read the scenario. ... nario.html

Then come back and tell me it’s just a coincidence. Frankly, if you can believe that is a coincidence, then you can believe anything the media says, and I don’t even know why you’re reading this website. You might as well just relax, because everything is fine.

The hoax was designed to strip people of their freedoms, to destroy small businesses and make people dependent on the government, and to usher in a technetronic control grid. They have an excuse to collapse the economy, which was bound to happen sooner or later. They usher in a totally new social order. It is a Great Reset to build a New World Order.

After understanding it was planned from the start, and that they didn’t plan all this and then just sit around and wait for a virus to pop up, the final attempt to cope with the size of the lie is to say that maybe they released a genetically-engineered virus themselves. But again: why would they do that? What would be the purpose, when all of what has been done could just as easily have been done by rebranding the cold and the flu?

What’s more: where is the evidence? 

What single fact can you point to showing that there is a new virus?

In conclusion: 

There is no single piece of information that we have that does not fit into the theory that there is no new virus. That means that if there were a new virus, it would be redundant, given that all of the things that are happening right now could be happening in exactly the same way if there was no new virus.

The Lesser Hoax

The lesser hoax within the larger hoax is the total inability of these people to keep their own story straight, which results in inconsistencies in their own narrative.

The best example is the issue of acquired immunity. People who have had “the coronavirus,” i.e., the common cold, have antibodies in their system that have been found to be better than the antibodies provided by the vaccine. Here’s an article explaining that the spike protein of the common cold is the same as that in the supposed “novel coronavirus,” ... m-covid-19

and here’s an article about the recent study in Israel showing that the natural immunity is stronger than the vax immunity. ... -vaccines/

Despite the fact that people who have these immunities naturally do not need the vaccine, the government is claiming that everyone has to take the vaccine.

Anthony Fauci appeared on CNN this week and was asked why it is that people who already have immunity need to take the vaccine. His answer: no answer.

Dr. Fauci was finally asked why people with natural immunity should be required to get the covid vaccine given studies that show we have more protection.

— Clay Travis (@ClayTravis) September 10, 2021 ... 6612614174

Fauci said: “You know, that’s a really good point, Sanjay. I don’t have a really firm answer for you on that. That’s something we’re gonna have to discuss, regarding the durability of the response … what’s the durability?”

That’s a very dumb answer, especially given that Fauci is now saying that the protection provided by the vaccine only lasts a couple of months, which is why they are rolling out the third shot, and now discussing taking a shot every few months.

Conservatives really love this sort of thing – these little problems within the media narrative. It gives them the chance for a “gotcha,” which is really the entire basis for conservatism. It should really just be called “gotchaism.”

Just Deny It Outright!

This is the thing: there is no point in engaging these people on the details of their hoax. Yes, you can find a lot of gotchas. But as long as you agree that there is a new virus, you are letting them win. They are not bothered by this nitpicking. What’s more, this line of argument doesn’t actually go anywhere – by saying “people with natural immunity shouldn’t have to get the vaccine,” you’re de facto agreeing that everyone without natural immunity should have to get the vaccine.

No one should have to get the vaccine, because there is no new virus. The spike protein only in theory protects from the common cold, which is not deadly anyway. It does not provide any protection from the flu even, which is why people who get the vax still die “from the coronavirus.” They are dying from the flu. Influenza is usually a totally different virus, that is usually not a coronavirus (something like 15% of the infections labeled “the flu” are from coronaviruses).

The whole hoax should have been rejected months ago, when a large percentage of the population began to exit the delirium of mass hysteria. However, when that happened, the media came out and said that the coronavirus was from a secret Chinese lab, and it leaked from the Chinese lab. The media was “admitting” that Donald Trump was right, which put the levels of conservative gotcha smugness way up over 9000. So all of these people who would have been likely to deny the hoax outright were sucked back in, because the evil small-eye yellow man was behind the deadly virus.

All of these different theories from the conservatives about the nature of this supposed virus simply serve to bolster the hoax. The only logical course is to tell the truth: there is no new virus.

Until people are willing to do that, we are just going to get run around in circles for infinity.

People Can Handle This

Another thing that I see people saying is that although they agree that the virus doesn’t actually exist, “normies can’t handle it.” This is clearly false. Insofar as a normie can handle anything at all, they are able to handle this truth.

It is very easy for a simple person to understand the fact that they just rebranded the cold and the flu. This isn’t esoteric. It doesn’t require a mega-level IQ, or some wealth of knowledge about the inner workings of the globalist cabal. It’s a very simple thing that is largely obvious once it is said aloud.

I have yet to meet anyone who couldn’t understand what I meant when I said: “there’s no coronavirus – they just renamed the flu!”

Even if people do not agree with me, they at least understand the concept. It does not sound outrageous to any normal person. In fact, a hardcore internet right-winger responds more negatively to this than a normie. Internet right-wingers want to go into all of this detailed bullshit to make themselves feel smart, whereas a normal person is just like “yeah, I hear you.”

Of course, someone might not immediately believe you. But they will remember what you said, and begin to compare it to their own experience, and most people will eventually come to the conclusion that it is just the flu.

The problem is censorship and people like Tucker Carlson and Alex Berenson trying to be Mr. Super Smarty Pants by saying “oh no, I’m not a conspiracy theorist.”

I’m not against Tucker or Alex, but they are effectively serving as gatekeepers on this issue, helping conservatives to run around in circles. Most of what they say about the lies of Fauci and his lackeys is correct, it just isn’t really very relevant.

At this point, saying you’re not a conspiracy theorist just makes you look dumb and delusional. Trillions of dollars have been transferred from the middle class to billionaires and banks.

Image ... headlines/

What’s more, people all over the Western world are accepting treatment from governments that previously would have been unthinkable. Governments have more power than ever before in history.


If these people accidentally did this, then they must be really, really lucky.

It is obviously a conspiracy. I have worked out the entire logic of this conspiracy, and I believe that everyone must eventually come to the same conclusion I came to all the way back in April of 2020: there is no new virus. All of this lunacy was a massive hoax, literally based on nothing.

As I told the reader above: you can believe whatever sort of nonsense you want to believe in. That is your right. But if you believe that there is a new virus, you are doing so entirely on faith, as no evidence exists to support this belief.

Source : ... ered-hoax/
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