RIP Ashli Babbitt, Murdered by Traitor Cops

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RIP Ashli Babbitt, Murdered by Traitor Cops

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RIP Ashli Babbitt, Murdered by Traitor Cops

Andrew Anglin January 7, 2021


We should take the time to remember Ashli Babbitt, murdered by Capitol police, a group often referred to as “ZOGbots,” because she was trying to save America.

By all accounts, she was a great person, and now she is dead for literally no reason and our media is celebrating it, or ignoring it completely.

Not even the ostensibly right-wing media can tell her story without insulting her, so let me tell it myself, as I’ve read it.

Ashli was an Air Force veteran, who her ex-husband told media was “never afraid to speak her mind.”

“I feel absolutely terrible and sick to my stomach about it,” Timothy McEntee, who was married to her for 14 years, told the Washington Post after she was murdered by the cops. “She was never afraid to speak her mind and in a way this was her way of speaking her mind.”


Babbitt was in the Air Force for 14 years, where she fought as a tool in the Jew wars in both Afghanistan and Iraq. Her experiences there no doubt shaped her understanding of the world, and her support for the anti-war president Donald Trump.

She and her husband met in the Air Force and broke up last year, no doubt because that organization destroyed their lives and prevented them from having children.

McEntee told the Post Babbitt was “very loud and opinionated, but caring, sweet, thoughtful, loving.”

“You would never forget meeting her.”

Ashli was 35, and from San Diego. On her social media, she actively supported QAnon, and retweeted much from Lin Wood (someone who has some explaining to do).

Ashli was murdered by cops, as she was climbing through the window of the Capitol. She didn’t do anything wrong. She was protecting America from the enemies of the people. There was absolutely no reason to shoot her, and the cop should be charged with murder – since we charge cops with murder now.

His face should be plastered everywhere, and he should be dragged out before the public just like Derek Chauvin.

But he won’t be.

Instead, this will be buried by the media. ... 6342185984 ... 9898149888

Trump himself needs to explain what the hell is going on here. Trump told people to march on the Capitol. What happened was what it was implied he wanted people to do. If you listened to Trump’s speech, your thought would be “he wants us to rush the Capitol.

But where is he?

What is he doing?

Has he now conceded the election, now that Ashli is dead, and dozens or maybe hundreds of people like the sad moron Baked Alaska are going to be doing federal time?


What is going on?

Trump needs to declare martial law.

If he had some kind of thought that he could make a deal, and keep out of prison – that is now off. There is no way that after he incited this riot against the Congress that they are going to let him off the hook. I don’t think there was any way that was going to happen before this, but it isn’t happening now. He hit the government straight in its stupid face.

He needs to do something. People are dead, people are going to prison, and that isn’t even the beginning of it.

If he doesn’t do something, right now, America is dead.

There isn’t any coming back from this.

Rest in Peace, Ashli.

Where we go one, we go all, and we’re probably all going where you are pretty soon at this rate.

And may God have mercy on us all.

This one’s for you, babe.

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