Donald Trump Issues Terrible Statement, Condemns Capitol Patriots, Surrenders to Democrats

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Donald Trump Issues Terrible Statement, Condemns Capitol Patriots, Surrenders to Democrats

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Donald Trump Issues Terrible Statement, Condemns Capitol Patriots, Surrenders to Democrats

Andrew Anglin January 8, 2021

Donald Trump on Thursday night issued a cowardly public surrender statement, saying that there will be a transfer of power and it’s just too bad.

He also condemned the people who engaged in the riot he incited, and said that the people who were fighting for him – after he incited a riot – should be punished!

I can’t even believe what I am watching here.

Is this a deep fake?

What even is this?

Remember this: Donald Trump incited that riot. Everyone who entered that building and is going to do federal time did so because HE TOLD THEM TO.

I don’t know what is going on, I’m not going to speculate, but you can watch the video yourself – this appears to be a concession, he appears to be saying he’s going to voluntarily transfer power to the Usurper Joe Biden, and he very clearly condemns his own fighters as criminals for doing what he told them to do.

If this is what it appears to be, and not part of some kind of secret plan or a fakeout, then this is the single biggest betrayal in the entire recorded history of the human race.

The stupidest part of all is that he’s going to prison himself, either way. There is no court that would not convict him of inciting that riot on Wednesday. They’re also going to convict him of an entire list of fake crimes. If he’s actually planning on surrendering on January 20, he’s going to have to flee the country.

But maybe it’s some secret plan. Maybe patriots are in control. Maybe he’s going to seize power at the last moment. I suppose if he was planning to do that, this is what he would do.

The problem with any kind of plan is that he’s already been banned from all versions of social media, including Twitter and Facebook, and he has no actual place to announce any action he might be planning on taking.

General Flynn and Lin Wood are still out there saying he’s got a plan.

It sure as hell doesn’t look like there’s a plan. It looks like, if there was a plan, he would have marched with the patriots on Wednesday, and stormed the Capitol with them, and then declared himself emperor while surrounded by hundreds of thousands of patriot fighters.

I have no idea.

I’m personally struggling with the idea that there is literally no plan here.

Whatever happens, remember this: God is in control, and Jesus Christ is ultimately the only Man any of us are loyal to. Whatever Trump does, we are going to fight, and we are going to be victorious.

Remember to blame the Jews for this.

Long Live the Fighters.

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