Some Somber Advice for the Censorship That MAGA People are Now Facing

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Some Somber Advice for the Censorship That MAGA People are Now Facing

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Some Somber Advice for the Censorship That MAGA People are Now Facing

Andrew Anglin January 10, 2021


Oh, so your backbone services are being attacked?

This is totally unprecedented!


Washington Post: ... uspension/
Amazon suspended the pro-Trump social network Parler from its Web-hosting service this weekend, a move that threatens to darken the site indefinitely after its users glorified the recent riot at the U.S. Capitol.

The e-commerce and Web-hosting giant said Parler had violated its terms of service given its inadequate content-moderation practices, adding in a letter that it would implement its punishment just before midnight Pacific time Monday.

The move by Amazon Web Services, or AWS, marks the latest and most crippling blow for the pro-Trump social network, which has emerged as a haven for conservative users who have fled more mainstream Silicon Valley sites that crack down on harmful, viral falsehoods online. Earlier this week, Apple and Google removed Parler’s app from their stores for smartphone downloads, similarly citing concerns that posts on Parler could contribute to violence.

Amazon did not immediately respond to a request for comment. A person familiar with the matter, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, confirmed that AWS had communicated its suspension to Parler on Saturday.

Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos owns The Washington Post.
Oh really? The billionaire who is pushing all of this stuff owns the number one outlet pushing all of this stuff? That’s a weird coincidence!

Funny how things work out like that sometimes, eh?

But Seriously

Finding new hosts isn’t that big of a deal.

The much bigger deal is being banned from the App Store and the Play Store, which has already happened.

In terms of the bigger deal after that, this will be the Cloudflare ban.

Once Cloudflare bans you, then even if you have the $25,000-50,000 a month it would take to use a CDN competitor to operate a site on the scale of Parler (it was gonna cost me $10,000), it doesn’t matter because they will deny you service. Which they are allowed to do, because a private company is allowed to do anything they want to you.


According to the Mises Institute and the National Review’s Jonah Goldberg, the Constitution says that Jack Dorsey can come to your house and sodomize your infant son, and then slit his throat on an altar to Lucifer, because he’s not the government. If you don’t agree with that then you hate freedom, you’re against our values, and you should move to China.

Along with the Cloudflare problem, you also have the domain registration problem.

Let’s just see here…




I mean, I guess there are worse decisions on that front, they were one of the last ones to ban me (long after Namecheap and other “free speech” companies), but Dreamhost did of course ban me, and I assume they will ban Parler a lot quicker, since they’ve already established the process.

After the CDN ban and the registrar ban – which are both coming soon for Parler and a bunch of other MAGA related sites – they are going to be in “CHINA PLZ HALP” territory.

That was easy enough for me, as I’ve always been relatively pro-PRC, or at least not anti-PRC. I think these sites that have been promoting all of these idiotic theories about China being behind the problems in the US are going to be met with a lot less friendliness than I was.

I just found an interesting article I wrote back in 2017, when I was dealing with all of these problems that MAGA is now dealing with. On August 24, 2017, I wrote: ... -enablers/
The goal was to set a precedent of unpersoning someone from the internet. That way, they could do it again. To anyone. At any time.

Well, they fucked with the wrong people.

They should have chosen someone else.

And next time, they probably will choose someone else.

But I’ll tell you what: I will be there for them. 100%. Even if it is someone I don’t like. Even if it is someone I absolutely hate.

The next time that these tech companies come for someone and try to ban them from the internet, I will rally around them, whoever they are.

Freedom of speech is more important than my ideas. It is more important than any idea. Because without freedom of speech, there are no ideas.

And that is the point.
I am still here, all these years later.

I have a fraction of my reach, of course, and I was denied millions of dollars in income, of course. But I’m still here.

That is of course entirely due to my sysops, good friend and personal hero weev, primarily, and secondarily due to the strength of my own will (my will should get a shoutout here, I think).

I stand by what I said in August of 2017: I will continue to stand with and to fight for the freedom of speech of EVERYONE, including people that I disagree with, and including all of these people who didn’t stand with me when the hammer came down (basically only Tucker Carlson and Sargon of Akkad spoke out, by the way).

I wish everyone the best, and I will continue to defend them.

As far as emailing me and asking me for help – don’t bother with that. Maybe weev will help you, I don’t know, that is up to him and I haven’t talked to him about it, but I don’t have any ability to help. My only advice is this: go talk to the Chinese. Maybe they won’t look at your content, and maybe they will support you either way, even if you’re anti-Chinese, because you’re standing against the US government. I don’t know. But you don’t have any other options.

I just want to make this 100% clear: there is no internet company that will support your freedom of speech if the media says you shouldn’t have freedom of speech that is not either Chinese or Russian.

Note: Yes, DLive cracked already, and they're owned by Chinese, but they're a Chinese company that is trying to operate in America using American infrastructure and in particular American payment processors (Visa and Mastercard). There's also a good chance that DLive is going to figure out that it has no way out other than switching to cryptocurrency exclusively and letting it ride, after the dust settles. Probably, DLive is already getting their accounts shut, which will mean that they might as well just let everyone back on the site.

The Last Thing

The CDN and the domain registrar are going to be the biggest hurdles to remaining online, but the other thing is that you’re going to be put on the MATCH list by Mastercard, which will mean that you’re no longer able to do business using any form of Mastercard or Visa. This whole process was investigated and uncovered by Dick Masterson last year.

They will also shut down your bank accounts. Basically, any American bank is just going to send you a letter saying “we’ve terminated your accounts, there is no ability to appeal this.” If you’re a CEO of Parler or whoever, this will also include your personal bank accounts, and possibly the bank accounts of family members.

The Bottom Line

You can stay online. It is possible. Even after ISPs begin hard-blocking domains, which is probably coming here pretty soon, you will be able to stay online. But you will not be able to make any money at all, and your personal lives will be destroyed.

If you manage to stay online, random Jews will just start launching lawsuits against you for no clear reason, but it won’t really matter, because you won’t have any money or bank accounts anyway.

I think you should probably think long and hard about the decision you made to not support my speech when they came down on me, and the fact that if you would have done that, you would not currently be in this situation. That was the worst decision that any of you ever made in your entire professional lives. Probably you’ve made worse decisions in your personal lives, when you were dealing with women, but you might not have.

But we can’t reverse time. We are all where we are now.

Frankly, we’re probably all going to have a lot bigger problems than internet censorship here in the next few months.

I wish you all GODSPEED.

And may God have mercy on our souls.

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