How is the Agenda This Obvious…?

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How is the Agenda This Obvious…?

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How is the Agenda This Obvious…?

Andrew Anglin May 5, 2021


So, there’s this thing called the 2030 Great Reset that is being pumped by the United Nations.

The organization uses a rainbow circle logo for the project.


They have 17 rainbow goals that amount to creating some kind of utopian world order.


The rainbow circle with these 17 goals represents what Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum has dubbed “The Great Reset.”


Schwab has been shockingly straightforward about his desire to use the coronavirus hoax to establish a New World Order.

He even wrote a book about it, entitled – straightforwardly enough – “COVID-19: The Great Reset.”


This “Great Reset” is a version of the old “End of History” and “New World Order” speech of the 1990s through the 2000s. It is more specific: Schwab says very clearly that he wants not only a unified world government run by a billionaire elite and managed by Davos Man, but also wants to do a “transhumanism” agenda, wherein humans are genetically engineered and implanted with microchips.

He’d previously written a book entitled “The Fourth Industrial Revolution,” which was entirely about using genetic engineering and a brain-computer interface to create superhuman cyborgs.


Here he is talking about this agenda four years ago on the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy YouTube channel.

He posts videos about his cyborg scheme on his own YouTube channel.

(Talk about the “banality of evil”…)

Why are they so straightforward?

Well, apparently they believe that people fall into three groups:

People who follow everything the media says and won’t be able to accept what they see happening right in front of their eyes

People who are smart enough to understand what is happening and support it (or at least are willing to go along with it because they understand where the power lies)

People who are smart enough to understand what is happening, are against it and willing to speak up about it, and are censored on the internet for being racist neo-Nazi conspiracy theorist whackjobs

On the whole, it seems that their analysis of the situation is more or less entirely accurate.

World leaders are bold enough to wear the symbol of this agenda in public, in order to demonstrate their allegiance to it and give confidence to the supporters of the agenda.


This is a big, big problem.

Just as there is no way out of this bizarre coronavirus lockdown hoax, there is no way out of the Great Reset New World Order United Nations Cyborg Agenda.

This is all following a script, and we are going to go straight from this pandemic hoax and the vaccine to a global government and a cyborg agenda. You’re going to have exactly as much say in the cyborg agenda as you had in the lockdown and the vaccine.

The vaccine, quite obviously, is the beginning of the cyborg agenda. A big part of the cyborg agenda is genetic engineering, and the vaccines have a gene therapy delivery mechanism. Most probably, the reason they are so fixated on your getting the vaccine is that they plan to use the vaccination program as a platform for genetic engineering. I say “most probably” because that cannot be proved, but it is simply obvious. What they are talking about doing is giving you nonstop booster shots that they keep track of on an app on your phone that is linked to a biometrics database.


Soon enough, they will be implanting you with a microchip, just to make everything much easier.

There’s a virus, you see.

Grandma could die.


If people were going to say “no” to any of this, the time would have been when they first told you that “flatten the curve” was transforming into a nonstop testing and lockdown regime, followed up by a forced vaccination.

I hate to say I told you all of this. I hate to say it because I know I sounded like a kook. I wish I could have said it better. I am, for whatever reason, cursed with being one of the only people on the planet who sees this clearly. Even Alex Jones, who believes in every conspiracy, announced that the coronavirus was real and that it was a bioweapon released by the globalists for the purpose of population control. He’s still having a difficult time walking that back, but he does seem, after more than a year, to be getting to the point where he can say the whole thing is fake.

At the time it was happening, many people on the right were saying it was all real. I think many of them are probably literally paid shills, or blackmail victims, but this was just a massive blinding of the people, where somehow unfathomable infringement on our freedoms was acceptable.

Do you know that after all this time, there are still people going around wearing the mask? It is truly amazing the way they’ve been able to brainwash people.

Everything that you might not understand actually fits plainly into this agenda:

The blacks and the media’s “defund the police” agenda, along with mass immigration and mass drug use, and economic collapse, are making America into an unlivable hellscape. This will justify handing over the country to the United Nations.

Russia, China and Iran are the last relevant centers of power resisting this agenda, and therefore the West has to do regime change in those countries, by hook or by crook.

“Transgenderism,” which is actually just gender confusion, is a way to launch a program to ultimately eliminate gender completely.

The anti-white agenda is because Jews hate white people and Christianity, but it is also simply a practical way to remove the majority population of developed countries from power.

You see?

It all makes sense.

It’s all staggeringly straightforward. 

I wish I would have been more effective. I wish I would have made fewer jokes, or more jokes, or been less or more doom-oriented, or done anything to get people to spread the word and refuse to go along with this. But I suppose – and I do truly suppose – this was all inevitable. What appears to have happened is that Americans became too evil. We became too fat, too decadent, too addicted to pornography, too supportive of homosexuality, too far from God.

God has left us to our own devices, and this is what you get when that happens.

Primitive savages burn your cities.


Homosexuals take your children, right out in public.


Weird nerds run your society from the shadows.


Women go haywire, siding with the savages, homosexuals and weirdos.


Women are actually unreliable allies even to these groups. ... rcing-him/


But it doesn’t matter, because women are good at destroying. And that is all any of this actually amounts to – it is wanton destruction.

What this “Great Reset” amounts to is not really an “order” of any kind, but a primitive barbarism. Thus far, these people have not shown any ability to actually run anything – they have simply hijacked the abilities of well-meaning, normal white men.

These people have not even really demonstrated basic competence.

The state of Israel is run entirely through outside funding.

Bill Gates’ Microsoft was built up by a government-enforced monopoly.

The media maintains control through censorship enforced by the state.

If we were operating under meritocracy, or simply living in a world that wasn’t based on lies, the US military would step away and let Israel be overrun by Moslems, the computers of the world would be running Unix-based systems, and the Daily Stormer would outperform the New York Times.


All these people can do is manipulate, lie and destroy. There is zero chance that they are actually going to establish some kind of order. They will seize control, create a bloody mess, then the whole thing will collapse.

The point that I want to make sure I get across here is this: we are all strapped in. There is no exit. This is real life, it is happening, and we have to deal with it.

You can survive. You may survive.

Most of the world is going to be made infertile by this vaccine. We’re going to have a pretty clean slate in a generation or so here. When the order collapses, it will only be right-minded people who can even reproduce.

So: don’t give up.

There is indeed a new world coming into view. It’s just there, on the other side of the depths of hell.

I know with the same certainty that I knew this hell was coming that it will end.


You gain nothing by submitting, other than an eternity in hell.

Don’t take the vaxx.

Don’t bow to the beast.

Keep your head straight and your chin up and just keep moving.

Those of us who resist will be rewarded in this world and the next.

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