“Every Successful Progressive Idea in This Country was Robustly Supported by American Jewish Manpower and Money”

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“Every Successful Progressive Idea in This Country was Robustly Supported by American Jewish Manpower and Money”

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“Every Successful Progressive Idea in This Country was Robustly Supported by American Jewish Manpower and Money”

Andrew Anglin June 4, 2021


I saw an interesting headline this morning relating to black people, Jews and Israel – an op-ed written by a Jew.

I did not expect an IDF jet to rush up on me and start dropping truth bombs.

But that did indeed occur.

Democrat Jew Mike Abrams writes on his fears for the future of the party for the Miami Herald:

https://news.yahoo.com/black-jewish-all ... 37546.html
This latest round of conflict in the Middle East has led to an increase in visible anti-Semitism in America and heated criticism of Israel by younger progressives in the Democratic Party.

Sadly, there is a need to remind older progressives and educate younger ones that every successful progressive idea in this country was robustly supported by American Jewish manpower and money. Without those, success would have taken significantly longer. For example, in Brown vs. Board of Education, the Supreme Court based its decision on a study by Black sociologist Kenneth Clark that found that segregation placed the stamp of inferiority on Black children. That study was commissioned and paid for by the American Jewish Committee.

Jews also provided manpower. One Black leader estimated that 30 percent of the white Freedom Riders were Jewish.
However, it is stunningly naïve of older progressives like me to think this is the prism through which younger progressives and Blacks, view American Jews. Ethan Katz of Stanford University is an expert on Black-Jewish relations. He proffers that, “To many, if not most, Blacks, Jews matter less as a specific group than as a group seen as other White people who are part of a larger problem . . . and the Middle East has become, in American politics, a proxy struggle where the progressive left is creating a litmus test that requires one to be anti-Zionist if they are to have credibility.”

Katz says that Israel is perceived by Blacks not as the idealistic nation that used to inspire many on the left, but as an increasingly powerful oppressive regime.

The division and vitriol between younger progressives and Blacks and inherently progressive Jews is a dangerous split, and my party, much to the Republican Party’s delight, has been kicking the can on the underlying tension down the road on it for a long time. But the Democratic Party cannot be successful without that alliance intact. Typically, Jewish voters support Democrats by more than a 3-1 margin and any decline can tip the scale in a swing state such as Georgia.
At the same time, I realize how little I understand the grievances that exist towards American Jews. We need each other.

I have a challenge for my fellow progressives: Do not make this a binary choice between whites and people of color. In that vein, what is the righteous indignation for the Palestinians about anyway? The Middle East is a cesspool of human-rights violations. The Palestinians ceded control of their near state to Hamas, a terrorist organization. Would the “Squad” in the U.S. House enjoy serving in their government? Would women, Blacks or gays for that matter?

Just because a country is composed of people of color does not mean they share our values. We have an existential political battle going on in the United States. This is one fight the progressives are wrong on. It is not progressive.
So, uh.


Interesting take there from Jew Mike Abrams.

Thanks for the truth bombs, Mike! These are much better than the bombs you use to murder children!

Obviously, there are more cracks than you can count in the Democrat Party. This is really just the “I hate heterosexual white men” party. There are disagreements between women and trannies, Moslems and Jews, Asians and blacks, women and blacks, and everyone else and the blacks (including Jews).

However, I’m not really sure how much blacks care about Israel. I think Black Lives Matter as an organization is clearly not run by black people, or at least not run by normal black people. From what I’ve seen, the organization is run by Jewish communists, who are attempting to use black anger and confusion to hurt white people, yet again.

Surely, the entire left is against Israel, because it is the hate white people party, and Jews are viewed as white people (even though Jew racial status is more complicated than that). Jews have sold the Democrat Party as the Anti-White Party, so to come in now, so far into the game, and say “please stop hating JEWISH whites because we gave you so much money and supported your causes” is clearly not going to work.

Anyway, Jews – I wish you all the best in trying to get your army of communists to support your racially pure Jewish homeland.

If that doesn’t work, you can always try to make up with Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Source : https://dailystormer.su/every-successfu ... and-money/
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