Dark Winter Mega Doom: Austria Officially Locks Down Only Purebloods

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Dark Winter Mega Doom: Austria Officially Locks Down Only Purebloods

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Dark Winter Mega Doom: Austria Officially Locks Down Only Purebloods

Andrew Anglin November 14, 2021


If you think things are weird now, check the spoilers for Pandemic Season Three.



https://www.rt.com/news/540199-austria- ... -unvaxxed/
Austria will impose new curbs on the unvaccinated starting from Monday. The measure aims to ease pressure on hospitals and ICUs.

The lockdown will come into effect at midnight and will apply to people aged 12 and older who have not been vaccinated and have not recently recovered from Covid-19.

“This step was not easy to take, but it is necessary,” Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg said. “The risk for the unvaccinated people is much higher. Therefore, we are forced to take this difficult step to reduce the number of contacts.”

Schallenberg said the fourth wave of infections had hit the country with “full force.”

The chancellor once again urged people to get vaccinated in order to “break” the wave. “Otherwise we’ll never escape this vicious cycle.”

The idea of a lockdown exclusively targeting the unvaccinated was first floated by the government in September as a response to a nightmare scenario in which 30% of ICU beds would be occupied by Covid-19 patients. That figure currently stands at 20% and is rising. Health officials have grown increasingly alarmed that hospitals will become overcrowded amid what they call “the pandemic of the unvaccinated.

President Alexander Van der Bellen warned on Saturday that the situation in some hospitals and ICUs was “unbearable,” and could deteriorate further unless strong action is taken.
We have no idea what is happening in hospitals. The media and government have shown that they will outright lie about things that are happening down the street from you, and we’ve all seen the nurses coming out and saying that the media is exaggerating the number of people in the hospitals.

What’s more: in America in 2018, hospitals were overwhelmed with flu patients to the point that they had to put tents in the parking lot.

https://time.com/5107984/hospitals-hand ... -patients/


We have not seen tents in parking lots, and we have not seen hospitals turning away ambulances, another thing that happened in 2018.

https://www.cbsnews.com/news/overwhelme ... alifornia/


Hospitals across the country were overwhelmed, including ICU bed shortages.

https://www.clarionledger.com/story/new ... 021545001/


The only reason the death toll is higher for coronavirus than previous flu seasons is that they include deaths from heart attacks, cancers, chronic illness, and other disease in the “coronavirus deaths” count.

This is a point that I must have made six million times during the original hoax of 2020. I just kept saying over and over again that this was not a unique event, that there was always a flu season, and that 2020 had not come anywhere close to the level of 2018.

In 2021, we also did not see the amount of serious illness from respiratory illness that we saw in 2018.

The Whole Wide World

What we’ve seen from the beginning of this stupid pandemic hoax is that anything that happens in one country is bound to eventually happen in other countries, and sometimes in every country. This whole entire agenda is centrally planned – obviously.

There has never been a pandemic. There has never been any evidence indicating that there was a pandemic. So the only possible reason that every government would be pretending there is a pandemic is that they are cooperating with a third force that is external to governments.

It is clear that this third force is making the decisions.


What that means is that certain measures are being tested in certain countries, with an eye to implement those measures in all countries.

It’s staggering that I still have to explain this. I’m so exhausted by explaining it. You’ve all witnessed the fact that I’ve been right about everything that is happening with this hoax since March of 2020. You’d think that at some point, you’d say “he’s been right about everything when everyone else I heard talking about this was massively wrong, so I guess I’d better just trust him.”

I told you that they were building a two-tier, apartheid-type system for the unvaxed, and now they are locking people in their houses for refusing to take the shot.

They are currently building an entire narrative about how the unvaxed are creating variants that do not affect them, and yet somehow kill vaccinated people. This is the narrative they are going to push hard when people start dying from various conditions created by the vax.

This “variant factories” meme was first circulating in July.

https://www.cnn.com/2021/07/03/health/u ... index.html


I have never said that everyone would die immediately from the vax. People have said that, and I’ve said that it wouldn’t make sense if everyone just literally automatically died from the vax. However, the vax is creating serious and permanent health conditions in people who take it, and one of those conditions is likely to be a seriously compromised immune system.

So, this winter, it is likely that a lot of people actually will die. The vaxed are going to die from normal colds and flus, because their immune system will no longer work properly. Then they’re going to come out with this brutal narrative about how it’s a new variant created by the unvaxed.

Then, you’re going to see this “Austria plan” spread across the world.

At the same time, they are going to be claiming that the unvaxed are the only reason things haven’t gone back to normal. You’re looking at widespread demonization and dehumanization of anyone who refuses to cooperate, and they are going to start talking about concentration camps.

Think of it: how far is house arrest from a concentration camp? It’s kind of the same thing, no?


This virus hoax has been extremely successful and there is no possible way they are going to back off from it, which means that they are going to keep pushing it, which means that it is going to get worse.

It is already getting worse in many places – such as Austria. Try to imagine: Austria is a normal Western country, a rich country, a part of the EU, WTO, and NATO, and they are telling people that if they are unvaxed, they cannot leave their homes.

If you were paying attention, you also would have noticed that the American media is now pumping up the volume to max on the hoax in America.

A weekend article in “Market Watch” collected many of the hysterical statements that have been coming from experts and authorities in recent days.

https://www.marketwatch.com/story/now-i ... 1636733030


The article says that the pandemic is getting worse than ever and people have to wear masks despite vaccination. It also mentions the Austrian situation, as well as various other European countries that are going into lockdown (85% vaxed Holland, for example), and implies that a lockdown is coming to America if people don’t get more vaxed and do these other ridiculous measures.

https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2021/11/ ... irus-surge
It is still here.

There are still 1200 people dying every day. That’s a rate of 440,000 deaths/year.

40,000 from accidents
70,000 from opioids

I have a work colleague in the hospital right now who got COVID last week. It’s serious & we don’t know the outcome. 2/

— Andy Slavitt 🇺🇸💉 (@ASlavitt)
 November 10, 2021


I just hope you all have prepared for the Dark Winter.

Our reward is in Heaven, but a reward will be here on earth for those of us who manage to make it through this nightmare alive. This will not last forever. If you get out of the cities and lay low, you have a good chance of escaping the worst of this hell.


Source : https://dailystormer.su/dark-winter-meg ... urebloods/
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